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The Movember Foundation and beyondblue are proud to challenge the creative and forward thinking people of Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom to propose innovative, outside the box concepts that could lead to gamechanging products or services and increase levels of social connections and feelings of belongingness for men.
Social connections refer to any or all relationships that a man has, it could be a friend, family member, partner, colleague, etc. When we talk about improving social connections, we refer primarily to quality but also the quantity, of those connections.
Using funds raised through the 2014 Movember campaign and from beyondblue through past Movember donations, AUD $5.6m is being invested over the next 2.5 years to support a multi-phased innovation program across three countries (Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom) that looks to move ideas from inspiration to testing to expansion (nationally or internationally).

People who are satisfied with their relationships and social connections are more likely to experience good mental health and wellbeing in general.
A reduction in the quality of social connections can significantly impact on the health of men leading to social isolation and loneliness which have been identified as risk factors for suicide, depression and anxiety. Many men do not have good social connections.  Forming strong, lasting and meaningful relationships - needed when things get tough - can be especially challenging, particularly in cultures where emotional openness and vulnerability are seen as a weakness, are discouraged, and are often conditioned out of boys during childhood. This makes it difficult to talk about and navigate through significant life events like relationship changes, workplace transitions - including unemployment - or a fatherhood journey.

Project ideas should provide new solutions or fresh approaches to generating, prototyping/testing and scaling initiatives that have potential to restore and strengthen the social connections of men.  Projects need to be grounded in the real world, be developed from the male perspective and must be co-developed with men.

 Social Connections Challenge launch date   October 14, 2015
 Deadline for Inspiration Statement Submission   Wednesday December 9, 2015 - 5:00 pm (EST)
 Invitation to Step 2 : Idea Pitch   w/o January 25, 2016
 Pitch deadline   Friday March 4, 2016 - 5:00 pm (EST)
 Anticipated funding announcement   April 2016

Please check out the background document for information on the research behind this program, specific details you will need to know about participating including eligibility criteria and what we won’t fund, Phase 2 of the Application Process and Phase 3 Scaling. Please select the document that refers to the country from which you will be applying: 


A question and answer forum is being utilised in support of this funding opportunity. Questions can be posted in an open channel accessible at Movember Foundation Q&A Forum
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